Running BOINC on a remote Linux server

Currently I have a virtual webserver with ubuntu on it. As I have BOINC with already running on my notebook, I wanted to have it running on this webserver, too.

I did the following steps to get it running:

apt-get update
apt-get install boinc-client

It will start as a service / deamon. No need to configure it for a start at boottime. but i'd lke to configure it remotely. First, we need to set a password:

echo *somepassword* > gui_rpc_auth.cfg

I installed BoincView on my Windows 7 notebook to control BOINC on the webserver remotely. To allow the remote BOINC to talk to strangers, you need to tell that to BOINC at startup. Edit /etc/default/boinc-client or /etc/sysconfig/boinc-client (depends on you type of Linux) and add or edit the following line:


That will allow programs like BoincView to interact with you remote BOINC client. Resrat the BOINC service with

/etc/init.d/boinc-client restart

You should be able to connect via a remote manager like BoincView. Baybe you'll have to open a port on your servers firewall. mostly, its 1043 or 31416 (default). If you're lucky, you have Plesk running and its easy. Remember to open it for incoming traffic.

The last step is to connect to a project. For that, we change into the home directory of user "boinc" (which was created on install) and attach the client to a project.

su boinc
cd ~
boinccmd --project_attach AndHereComesTheFullKeyToTheProject

The key at the end of the last command might be found in some place like and its sufficient to add the "weak key".

If you check your Boinc View now, your Webserver should report its progress to it.

Please concider what project you give your computing time to. It might be fun to search for aliens in outer space, but while you spend real energy on it (cpu consumes more power when calculating), our only planet is suffering. So put your energy consumption to good use.