Correct escaped characters in PHPList

In version 2.10.19 (or maybe even earlier) PHPList tends to escape characters which are needed in templates and puplic pages. If you use a stylesheet in your public pages header, or edit an email template, you end up with non functional or useless code like this:

<style type=\"text/css\">

which will ignore the style you entered. Even worse If you edited a template and save it several times:

<table align=\\\\\\\\\\"center\\\\\\\\\\"



Comment line 15 in lists/admin/index.php, so that it does not load magic_quotes functions. Magic quotes is no longer supported by php from version 5.4 on. Even in 5.3 it is deprecated.

15: //require_once dirname(__FILE__) .'/commonlib/lib/magic_quotes.php';