bytethinker is Silver Sponsor of MODXpo Europe

MODX is a flexible, modular and 100% free CMF (Content Managemant Framework) which enables users to set up websites independently from what ever it should look like or what it should output. Whether HTML 3.2 or HTML 5, XML or plain PDF's - MODX does'nt care, because it's strictly MVC and can output and style any type of input. There are effectively no limitations as it does not contain any markup or code to output itself. As a MODX user, you control what it sends to the browser.

The Comunity is a fast growing and always helping bunch of designers and technical people. There are over 50,000 MODX sites out in the world and people get crazy about how easy it is to manage. Admins from Wordpress, Drupal and Typo3 switch to MODX because its so flexible and easy and the community helpful and responsive 24/7. Clients are irritated about "understanding everything you need in half an hour".

November 10th, many MODX people get to Utrecht in the Netherlands to join MODXpo, THE European MODX conference, hosted by Mark Hamstra. Mark plays a key role in the development of MODX and invited speakers from all over the world to talk about MODX. Speakers like the Co-Founder Ryan Trash, Susan Ottwell, Menno Pietersen and Mark Hamstra himself. A full day of compressed MODX information.

bytethinker jumps in as a Silver Sponsor for the MODXpo as this seems to be the most important meeting of the year for web content people. Meet us there!